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Heathfield School

Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!



Federation Executive Head Teacher: Rachel Weldon    

Deputy Federation Executive Head Teacher: Hazel Soffe

Federation Assistant Head Teacher: Sue Thomas 

Deputy Head of School: Jo Rivers                     

Federation Business Manager: Vanessa Thompson     


Federation Senior Administrative Assistant: Kara Mcilvaney

Federation Administration Assistant: Kate White

Administration Assistant: Alison Billington 

Federation Finance Assistant: Kate Rainscourt / Kim Mason 


Federation ICT Manager: Barrie Isaac       


Federation Site Manager: Paul Smith

Federation Site Assistant: Gareth Barnes


Additional Therapy Support: Alison Stratford


Pastoral Co-ordinator - Debbie Fell

Outreach/Thrive Practitioner - Debbie Dean

Art Room - Sandra Heath 

The Nest (Outdoor Classroom) -Maria Lawrence 



Apple Class

TLR Teacher: Sarah Bridge

Support: Catrina Dixon, Sharon Kildea, Katy Morgan.

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant -  Louise Martin 


Cherry Class

Teacher : Laura Tovey 

Support: Carolyn Tom, Lorraine Lorrimer, Alison Scanlan 

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Sue Harvey


Pear Class

Teacher : Sue Thomas

Support: Julie Clements, Emma Swan, Hannah Flint 

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant -Dana Holland


Elm Class

Teacher: Hannah Newman

Support: Caroline Hatcher, Amanda Rodgers 

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Jayne Prewitt


Fir Class

Teacher: Hayley Sae Kang (TLR), Jenny Mattingley 

Support: Lisa Marie Bale, Julie Barrett 

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Belle Tappenden


Oak Class

Teacher: Gemma Wright 

Support: Marg bake, Lydia Brown 


Maple Class

Teacher: Theresa Whitear 

Support: Hayley Towers, Andrea Frampton, Nicola Porteous 

Debbie Barnes - Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant


Pine Class

Teacher: Imogen Sanpanid

Support: Andrea Philips, Lee Burns, Fiona Francis, Nicola Porteous 

Emma Rye - Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant     


Olive Class

Teacher: Joy Annison  

Support: Aimee Ross, Roxanne Gould                                                                

Alyson Hughes - Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant 


Cedar Class

Teacher: Debbie Urry, Catherine Ross 

Support: Jackie Moore, Caroline Woolf, Leigh Dunlop                                                               

Susan Hayter - Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant 


Willow Class

Teacher: Amy Benjamin 

Support: Paige Whitaker, Carol Shaw



Chestnut Class

Teacher: Wendy Moon

Support: Nicky Austin Fry, Beth Oakley, Tara Morledge


Ash Class

Teacher: Tegan Cowan 

Support: Dee Bell, Jeanette Gosling BSL , Alison Gaterell