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Ukraine Crisis

The Federation of Heathfield and St Francis Schools recognises the impact of the Ukrainian Crisis on our pupils and students.  Whilst we are geographically far away from the events, children are listening and viewing distressing images which can lead them to becoming frightened and fearful.


Some pupils and students have asked questions and expressed their fears about the crisis. In an attempt to support our young people and their families in discussions, we have produced a document called 'Let's talk about the war in Ukraine '. In addition to this are some links to other websites with information about talking with your child about the crisis and managing their fears. It may be that it is not appropriate to talk to your child about the crisis, depending on their age and level of understanding. We would advocate that we respond to children's questions honestly and factually and acknowledge their feelings about this situation.


As a Federation we are supporting the local Acts of Kindness charity by collecting essentials for the families affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Please see the letter from Rachel Weldon.