Fir Class

January 2018


Dear Parents,

Welcome back after the Christmas Holiday.

This term our topic will be ‘Time Team’. This is a Science, History and Geography based theme but we will obviously continue to cover the entire curriculum our learning. Many of the activities will be based on the dinosaurs and their bones/fossils. Speech will continue to be a driver in all of the tasks children complete.

We will begin in Geography sessions by recognising locations around the school from a photo and then finding these places on a school map. In Spring 2 we will be broadening these skills to complete a local area study, where we will looks at photo, identify different places and then visit them. We will then return to class and recount where we have been to cover our History targets. In Science children will experience a range of materials and use their understanding to describe the properties of rock. Art will be based on printing and making rubbings this term and in DT we will be focussing on our knife cutting skills. We will be exploring the adventurous activity of rock climbing at Rock-Up before developing our ball catching skills in PE. In English we will be initially starting with Dinosaur Roar and the associated series of Natural History Museum endorsed books. We will be focussing on verbs (doing words) and using these in our sentences. We will be covering; time, weight and number in Maths sessions.

How can you help?

  • We send home photos of your child every week, spend some time looking through and talking about them together. Recounting about activities and will help encourage your child’s speech and enhance what they have been learning at school.

  • Model language to your child, commenting on things in your home and trips you have been on.

  • Share books and stories with your child – we love to hear about any news books your child is interested in. Books are a great way to help support your child’s language development, particularly with commenting and social language.

  • Please share with us any trips or activities you have enjoyed with your child at home, we can talk to your child about these and incorporate them into our weekly activities.

Thank you for your continued support, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

December 2017

We’ve completed work on Christmas themed patterns in Maths.


We visited Garson’s garden centre to experience their decorations and see the reindeer.



Daisy the 8thtrain of Christmas and her Christmas puddings! Fir class’s train in the fantastic The 12 Engines of Christmas performance.

We’ve also enjoyed some great times learning about the outdoors in The Nest!

November 2017

Since September…

Fir class have been very busy working on sound as part of our ‘I have the Power’ topic. We have explored a range of noises including animal sounds, musical instruments and everyday environment sounds. 

During Autumn 1 in English we read the book ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what can you hear?’ by Eric Carle. We created lots of “I hear…” sentences based on what the animals in the story heard. We even create our own version of the book by listening to recorded animal sounds.


Now we are working on naming and recognising the sounds made by different instruments. Using colourful semantics we are beginning to use verbs such as bang and blow to create sentences to describe how we play them.

In Maths, we’ve worked on Number, Geometry (shape and position) and Measure (length and money).

We used autumn objects to help our counting and comparing numbers maths.

We compared the length of carrots while working on long and short.


To develop understanding of ourselves and our individuality we made self-portraits using collage and painting skills. We created Autumn tree pictures using collage in Art.


To support our understanding of the world we have explored how ice melts. We also named animals that live in cold climates.

In swimming we have been gaining the confidence to go under the water and are working on kicking using a woggle to move through the water.



April 2017

Welcome back to the Summer Term. We hope you enjoyed the Easter Holidays and made the most of the lovely weather.

This term our topic is Food Glorious Food !

We will be sharing three pictures books as part of this term's Literacy sessions - Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose, Don't put your finger in the jelly Nelly ! and Handa's Surprise and we will also be looking at non-fiction books about food too.



As well as continuing to develop our communication skills, our Literacy work will include important life skills such as putting together shopping lists in word, symbol and picture formats and then visiting shops and supermarkets to buy the food items, then following recipes (instruction texts) to make some tasty treats ! The children will be taste-testing various foods and will be encouraged to communicate their likes and dislikes.

In Maths we will continue with our number work - counting, recognising amounts/numerals and changing amounts by adding or subtracting. We are practising identifying big and small items and comparing sizes. We will also be applying these skills in our Science work when we grow our own vegetables.

In DT we will be doing lots of cooking and in our Science work, we will be learning about where our food comes from. We will be planting different seeds and caring for them as they become plants and hopefully provide us with some edible goodies as we observe growth and change.

Our Science learning will also be based in the new outdoor classroom (the Nest) where we will be looking for animals big and small which live in our school grounds.

The boys loved our last term's P.E. sessions and became quite skillful on the large apparatus. This term we will be practising our skills using small apparatus - throwing and kicking balls into nets and through cones, bowling to hit skittles and hitting balls with bats....well Wimbledon is just around the corner. Please continue to send in a kit (named shorts and t-shirt) on Tuesdays for P.E. as it also good practise for the children to get un/dressed and look after their own belongings.

This Friday (28th April) is dedicated to improving our outdoor learning spaces. We will be planting and painting in our Fir Class playground so it would be great if you could send in old clothes which you do not mind the children getting dirty (perhaps permanently !). Many thanks.

As ever, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if your have any concerns or queries.


Caroline and the Fir Team

March 2017


Fir Class had an amazing day when we visited Marwell Zoo as a hook for our new book 'Big Red Bath'.
We saw many of the animals in the story and the children loved spotting and naming them.
We were very proud of their behaviour and the resilience they showed in walking around the large site.
We have been able to create many communication opportunities resulting from our day.
March 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you enjoyed the half term break. It feels like Spring might be just around the corner.


We have another busy half term planned. This first week is Book Week and our chosen book is Bugs ! Bugs ! Bugs ! It is a lovely bright picture book about ….bugs ! We have lots of exciting activities planned of a ’buggy’ nature, including making butterflies, shape caterpillars, bug biscuits and using our new outdoor classroom as our base for going on a bug hunt.


After Book Week, our learning activities are based on the story ‘The Big Red Bath’. We will be visiting Marwell (see separate letter) to meet some of the exotic animals who appear in the story. This gives the children an excellent first-hand experience and many meaningful opportunities to develop their communication skills.


In Maths we are still developing our Capacity skills: practising our pouring and using the terms full/empty and more/less in words and symbols. We will then move onto positional language – in/on/under/next to etc. We are also counting and matching numerals in our Number sessions and comparing amounts in sets.


In Science we will continue with our learning involving water which includes floating and sinking and heating and cooling water to see what happens.


Wednesday afternoons remain our allotted swim session, so please keep sending in named trunks and towels. We have had couple of accidental towel swaps lately so your child’s initials on the labels really help us !


As ever if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Caroline and the Fir team



February 2017

Fir Class have had a busy half term starting off with our trip to Staunton Country Park to meet some of the animals who appear in our book 'Who sank the boat ?'