The Treehouse

October 2017

This term in The Treehouse we have been working on friendships skills.

We had a friendship tea party, all the children invited a friend from their class and gave them a card with a compliment inside. We made a poster about what makes a good friend, the children gave ideas of how to be a good friend.


The children in The Treehouse played games together and learnt how to take turns and share.

We made a friendship tree where all the children who come to nurture had to make handprints and say how they can be a good friend and what they can do to be a good friend.

February 2017

This term in The Treehouse we have been learning about what emotions are and why we sometimes feel that way.

The way we have been promoting this is through the theme Lego.

We have done this by working in groups discussing what makes us happy and sad.

Working 1-1 with an adult we have explored facial expressions and what they mean.

We have been reading different books about emotions and talking about the story and emotion within the story, and how we can relate it to ourselves. 


Also in Nurture we have been learning how to tolerate others, by doing lots of activities that involve turn taking, sharing and individual jobs i.e. setting up for snack and washing up.