November 2017


  • He loves coming to school each day, which he tells us in his own way.  It’s been clear to us at home that he has made good progress this year and seems to have taken most of the changes happening very well.

  • Overall we’re very pleased with the progress my son has shown in Maple Class.  He always seems very happy at school.

  • It is lovely to see that her confidence and progress is growing even though she finds somethings difficult.

  • I am glad to see that my son is improving in many areas.  Since joining Heathfield Cameron has improved a great deal in my opinion.

  • My son's report is very positive.  I am very happy with his end of school report.

  • A lovely annual report, Thank you.

  • His desire to attend school each day is refreshing and a joy to see.

  • We can notice great improvement to her speaking and number recognition, also her ability to want to write and attempt to understand letters.

  • This is a good report that highlights the positive.  My son has made good progress this year particularly in communication and his joint attention.  He is also really progressing well with his swimming and dressing (self-help).

  • Thank you for all your hard work and dedication teaching my son over the last year.

  • We’re really pleased with our daughter's report.

  • It was great to read about my son's progress during the past year.  He is making progress in a number of areas and in a range of subjects.

  • It was great to read that Brandon has made progress this year.  We enjoyed reading about each area and what he had studied and learnt.  Brandon has enjoyed himself at school this year: Our thanks to Hayley and her team who have worked so hard this year with Brandon.

  • My son continues to thrive in Apple Class.  He is extremely happy at Heathfield and the specialised teaching and small class sizes is enabling my son to achieve his full potential.  The results are speaking for themselves; his speech, language and understanding have significantly improved and the progress he’s made with is reading has been incredible.

  • The dedication of the class teachers has produced an increasingly confident boy who is enthusiastic about all areas of his learning and development.  His teacher is worth her weight in gold and is an absolute credit to the school.  I look forward to his continued rate of progress, where you have teachers that truly care for children as is apparent with Gemma.