Promoting British Values

Heathfield is a warm, welcoming school where everyone is known by their first name and where a rich culture of respect for all is embedded in every function of the school. British Values are both implicit and explicit. 

We expect everyone to be polite, to listen and to respect all others. We encourage pupils to be as independent as they can, expressing their needs with ease. We encourage a sharing culture in which we all matter and differences are celebrated. 

Our Behaviour Policy encourages pupils to manage their own behaviour, allowing staff to support them. We acknowledge that it is ‘OK’ to be cross; it is how you deal with the emotion that matters. 

We encourage the pupils to share their feelings and views developing tolerance of differing views. The pastoral team along with ELSA staff work to underpin the school ethos with strategies that support pupils’ understanding and tolerance. 

Heathfield has a School Council and is also a member of the wider campus council giving pupils opportunities to experience relationships with the neighbouring schools.