Oak Class

January 2018
Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your children are well rested and ready to take on all the challenges that the next half term has in store!

This half term we commence with our new topic of ‘Time Team!’ In English we will be using various texts to inspire our learning. The first of these will be ‘Dinosaur Roar!’ by Paul Stickland. The children will be developing their language skills and identifying rhymes, when looking at the different dinosaurs. They have very peculiar names such as ‘Roar’, ‘Long’, ‘Slow’ and ‘Meek!’

Maths will initially have a more hands-on focus as we will be investigating length and height. We will be utilising our interest in dinosaurs when using comparative terms such as long/ short and thick/ thin. Some children will begin to make early measurements using classroom resources such as cubes and paperclips, whilst others will be using more standard forms of measures to solve problems.

Our topic lends itself well to History and Geography. We will be using the local area, Titchfield in particular, to help us find out about physical and manmade Landmarks and, as ‘Time Detectives’, will discover how buildings have changed over the centuries.

Music also has a historical theme and each week we will be travelling back in time and listening to music from decades gone by. We will discuss how each makes us feel and respond to it through dance and art. We may even try a bit of food from bygone eras.

The PE focus this term will be on team games and, in particular, football. We will find out how to kick, control, dribble and pass a ball and hopefully even get a few in the back of the net! An early reminder – after the February half term holiday we will be starting our swimming sessions on a Tuesday afternoon, at Leesland pool, so don’t forget to make sure those swimsuits and shorts fit!

We’re really looking forward to all these exciting learning experiences and much more!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


October 2017

Autumn Term got off to an exciting start with a visit from the travelling farm. As part of our current School Values Initiative, ‘Respect’, the children got to meet the animals and treat them gently. The highlights were having a chick sit on their head and racing the goats round the building!

In English we looked at two texts – ‘What the Ladybird Heard’, where the children got to design their own ‘supperbaddy’  and next ‘Mrs. Armitage on Wheels’ – we looked at ‘jazzed up’ bikes and designed and labelled our own bikes.

Maths saw us focussing on numbers and place value, allowing children the opportunity to consolidate and extend existing learning and they also looked at shape and patterns.


In science we were learning about sound. We played listening games, made cup telephones and made our own kazoos from a comb and greaseproof paper.


Just before the half term break we learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali – ‘The Festival of Light.’ The children made Diva lamps, put on Mehndi pattern tattoos and tasted traditional foods and danced in traditional clothing at our Diwali party.



Here’s looking forward to another exciting half term’s learning!

April 2017

Looking  Back—Spring Term

What a busy term we have had! We have visited the farm at Staunton Country Park where we learnt all about pigs and had a chance to feed the aninmals. We have dug up soil to find out what it is made from and  have watched tadpoles grow and change into froglets, before carefully returning them back to the school pond! We have also had the chance to see caterpillars build a chrysalis and emerge as butterflies, which we then released next to our outdoor classroom—’The Nest’.


In maths the children have been busy measuring and learning all about ‘tall and short’ (height) and ‘full and empty.’ (capacity) More  recently we learnt about money, which culminated in an exciting trip to the sweet shop, where we spent a pound and collected out change. Back in class we looked worked out what coins we had and……..ate our sweets!


We have studied a number of different texts in English, based around our theme of ‘Water, Water, Everywhere’ which has led to opportunities to build our knowledge and skill sin lots of areas, including captions and speech bubbles .

As a school we’ve also encouraged the children to think of others. We held a charity day for Comic Relief. The children dressed up in ‘something which makes me happy’. They also tried their hand at circus skills– a thoroughly fun time was had by all!

Looking Forward—Summer Term

Our topic next term is bound to capture the children’s imaginations—’Food, Glorious Food!’ We will kick off our learning in English with a look at Traditional Tales , in particular, ‘The Magic Porridge Pot.’ Oak class will be getting into role as the characters and thinking about how we could make changes to the story to rewrite it, using different sorts of foods as a focus. In Computing we will be investigating how to use different switches and gaining life skills at the same time, as we make healthy dishes using a variety of kitchen appliances.

The long wait for swimming will  finally be over this term, as Oak class will be visiting the pool in the first half of the Summer term. We will also be out on the field and building our skills in team games, such as cricket and rounders—let’s hope the sun shines upon us!

As always, should you have any questions regarding your child or their learning, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


March 2017


Dear Oak Class Parents/ Guardians

Welcome back! We trust you had a relaxing half term break.

This half term we continue with our topic of ‘Water, Water Everywhere!’ The excitement kicks off with Book Week this week and activities will be based around the book ‘Aaaaargh, Spider!’. As part of this the children have utilised the outdoor classroom and built a ‘bug hotel’, cooked ‘bug pancakes’ and gone on a ‘Where’s Wally’ style bug hunt around school. The fun will accumulated in a ‘Book Day Fashion Show’ today.

On Wednesday we had our trip to Staunton Country Park to visit the farm. We met the animals, learnt about how they live and also fed them! This ties in nicely with our next class text – ‘Pig in a Pond.’ All of our books this half term have a watery theme and will give us the opportunity to explore lots of different styles of writing.

In science our focus will be The Water Cycle – we will be making model mountains and finding out where rainfall goes. We will also investigate what happens to the rain when it falls on soil and what happens to puddles when the sun comes out – lots of hands on, practical fun!

Later this term, all children will have the chance to participate in an arts and dance themed performance called ‘Time to Shine’ which will be run in conjunction with ‘Theatre Arts’ – a local company who have regularly visited the school and supported the children in dance and acting. More information soon!

We’re really looking forward to all these exciting learning experiences and much more!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,



Rowena Loveman (Oak Class Teacher)


February 2017
Oak class have been investigating weight this week in maths.
Some of us have been picking up bags of shopping and deciding if they are light or heavy.
Others have done investigations to find objects which are heavier or lighter than their water bottles.
We also tried to find out how to make the scales balance.
Finally we looked at more accurate ways of measuring weight.
And used the information to order objects from heaviest to lightest.