Elm Class

January 2018



Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your children are well rested and ready to take on all the challenges that the next half term has in store!

This half term we commence with our new topic of ‘Time Team!’ In English we will be using various texts to inspire our learning. The first of these will be ‘Dinosaur Roar!’ by Paul Stickland. The children will be developing their language skills and identifying rhymes, when looking at the different dinosaurs. They have very peculiar names such as ‘Roar’, ‘Long’, ‘Slow’ and ‘Meek!’

Maths will initially have a more hands-on focus as we will be investigating length and height. We will be utilising our interest in dinosaurs when using comparative terms such as long/ short and longest/ shortest. We have realized that model dinosaurs are excellent for developing knowledge of these terms. If you would like to do any consolidation work at home, how about asking which dinosaur has the longest neck or the shortest tail? Which dinosaur has a tail that’s longer than this dinosaur? Ay toys of this nature will inspire the children and keep them motivated to learn!

Our topic lends itself well to History and Geography. We will be using the local area, Titchfield in particular, to help us find out about physical and manmade Landmarks and, as ‘Time Detectives’, will discover how buildings have changed over the centuries.

Music also has a historical theme and each week we will be travelling back in time and listening to music from decades gone by. We will discuss how each makes us feel and respond to it through dance and art. We may even try a bit of food from bygone eras.

As a class, we are having a handwriting drive this half term. Already this year, the children have made fantastic progress in their handwriting, whether that is letter formation or overwriting lines and shapes. Should you wish to extend this learning at home, a great place to start would be to teach your child how to write their full name, or maybe your address. Keeping the words relevant and connected to yourselves at home will inspire the children to write. Also, why use a pencil? Using coloured gel pens, thin felt tips and chalk are all great ways of keeping your child’s focus high and engaged.  

We’re really looking forward to all these exciting learning experiences and much more!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

November 2017

In English we looked at two texts – ‘What the Ladybird Heard’, where the children got to design their own ‘supperbaddy’  and next ‘Mrs. Armitage on Wheels’ – we looked at ‘jazzed up’ bikes and designed and labelled our own bikes. We love the opportunity to show our work to Jo and Hazel who kindly always oblige!



Maths saw us focussing on numbers and place value, allowing children the opportunity to consolidate and extend existing learning and they also looked at shape and patterns. Any work you can do at home to consolidate number, pattern and counting will really help your child to consolidate the skills they are building on.




In science we were learning about sound. We played listening games, made cup telephones and made our own kazoos from a comb and greaseproof paper.


Just before the half term break we learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali – ‘The Festival of Light.’ We enjoyed exploring the ‘Diwali’ area, which had opportunity to touch, taste and see artefacts that are important to Hindus. We also completed some more pattern work looking at Rangoli patterns in various medias.




Here’s looking forward to another exciting half term’s learning!


May 2017

This week, some children in Elm class have been learning about temperature in maths and using thermometers.


The children have enjoyed handling the thermometers and have done so with great care. They noticed that the red line on the thermometer went up when things were hot and down when things were cold. They have also made some other interesting links, for example 'warm is hotter than cold but colder than hot'. Well done Elm class for the work you have done this week.


April 2017

What have we done


We have had a successful few weeks in maths looking closely at money and the value of money. We even organised an in house fruit shop! The children enjoyed exchanging money for pretend fruit. Why not spend some time in the holiday seeing how much you can buy for £1? This will help the children to begin to develop an awareness of value of money.



Looking at speech bubbles was a huge success in Elm class and the children enjoyed putting themselves into the role of a pig in a story and thinking about what they might be saying. Comics are a good way of exploring speech bubbles if you wanted to reinforce this learning at home.


Just to say a big thank you to parents for supporting our swimming sessions in school by providing swimming kit every week. It really does help in the organisation of these sessions! The children seemed to enjoyed themselves and everyone developed their water confidence, some were even awarded badges for distance swimming! Well done to all.

What we will do next


Next half term, we will be using the story the ‘Magic Porridge Pot’ in our writing sessions. We will be beginning to explore what traditional tales are, and gaining experience in some traditional tales through whole class reading. The children will be working to change the details to make their own version of the story, I am looking forward to seeing how their work progresses over the coming weeks.


We will be revisiting ‘time’ straight after half term. Previously, we have been looking at the language associated with time and learning to use this language in conversation.  The children will be introduced to clocks and stopwatches and beginning to look at units of time and how to tell the time.

If you are able to in the holiday, please can you and your child keep a diary of 1 day that outlines what you did- from breakfast to night time. Bullet pointed notes is fine. This will help us to prompt the children accordingly when we are revisiting the language of time on Tuesday 25th

If you break it up into:




Many thanks for your support with this.


Our next over-arching topic is called ‘Food Glorious Food’. In our PSHE lessons, we will be starting to look at healthy eating and the importance of keeping clean and taking regular exercise to keep ourselves healthy. 

Values band

Our next values band we are working towards is called ‘encouragement’. We will be looking at what encouraging people means and looks like in class, and developing children’s awareness of this skill. 


March 2017


So far this half term, we have been looking at measurement, in particular height. We have been developing our language of tall and short, including taller/shorter and tallest/shortest.  We have had lots of opportunity to either measure in centimetres and metres or cubes.

In the coming weeks, our next maths topics will be money, and addition and subtraction. Any practical activities you can do to support his learning at home would help to embed these skills.


This half term, we have been looking at a new book called ‘Pig in the Pond’. Over the coming weeks, we will be learning about speech bubbles and developing speech bubbles from the point of view of themselves. The children will then be developing speech bubbles from the point of view of the pig in the story.   If you would like to support this teaching in class, you could create some speech bubbles for any pictures of yourselves at home, or pictures from a story. 

The next book the children will be studying is ‘In the Pond’ where we will be hopefully pond dipping when the weather gets a bit better.


Values band

The values band we are working on this half term is ‘Happiness’. Over the coming weeks, we will be exploring what happiness looks and feels like, and what we can do to make the people around us happy. There are 6 boxes for the children to fill to earn their next band.


Swimming has so far been a great success and it has been great to see the children develop their confidence already in the water in a matter of a few weeks. Swimming will continue on a Tuesday afternoon until we break up for the Easter holidays.

Bug Experience

Last week, we had the opportunity to experience a variety of bugs through a bug experience. The children were thrilled to be able to see and sometimes touch a variety of animals including snakes, spiders, lizards and even a Snapping Turtle!

The children asked lots of interesting questions about the animals and demonstrated great listening skills. They were superbly behaved and gentle. Good work Elm class!