Cedar Class


April 2018

Welcome back, I hope you all had a great Easter. The children had a fantasic Spring Term and loved learning about the world and its weather, they  have returned smoothily and are excited about our new topic

‘Blooming Marvellous’.



We made a brisk start by planting lots of vegetables and fruit seeds including beetroot, carrots, tomotoes and potaoes, and working as a team to prepare our allotment.

We will be learning about the different parts of plants and the life cycle. Discussing healthy eating and cooking with a variety of fruit and veg, so hopefully we will be able to use some home grown produce.

Since reading Handa’s Surprise last term and trying all the different fruits, Cedar Class have been very interested in trying new fruits at snack time, if you have any excess fruit at home we would really appreciate it if you could send it in, thank you in advance.


In Maths we will continue with number, including addition and subtraction, but also have a focus on time and shape. It would be really helpful if you could begin discussing day and night, and noticing when the clock is on the hour eg 12 o’clock.


In English we will begin with the text ‘A seed in need’ and ‘Jaspers Bean Stalk’ and moving on to butterfly related stories during the second half of the summer term.

In Art and DT we will be threading and sewing, completing observational drawings, making salt dough sculptures and looking at the work of the Artist Cezanne.

For computing we will be practising our keyboard skills, and in music looking at beat and pitch.

In P.E. we will be developing our striking skills, learning a dance for our ‘Diversity Festival’, and a trip paddle boarding.

For PDL we will be continuing with our work on emotions linked to Disney’s ‘Inside out’, the rights of a child and a friendship week across the federation.

Please continue to share any events happening at home and celebrations – the children love to share them.


 How can you help?

  • Cook as a family.

  • Grow a plant.

  • Notice plants out and about.

  • Visit a garden centre.

  • Discuss the time including key parts of the day eg lunchtime/night time.

  • Share your child’s reading book and complete the reading record weekly.

Some signs that may help….please ask if you need any more.


January 2018


I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and happy New Year, most of you are aware that I have been off on maternity leave since May after the birth of my daughter. I have kept in touch with the class with regular visits and I am excited to continue with all the hard work Cedar Class has been doing in the Autumn term into the Spring term. The team will be Nicky, Claire, Amy and I, with Gareth continuing to work with the class on a Friday on my day off. He will also be developing his new role as a healthy lifestyles teacher across the school.


Our topic this term is ‘Where in the World?’ We will be exploring the weather and seasons here and comparing them to other countries, looking at a range of maps and atlases, and features of our capital city London.

In English we will begin with the text ‘You choose’ by Nick Sharratt to work on out speaking and listening skills and sentence structure and then Talk for Writing using the text ‘Rain’.



In Maths we will be getting creative with numbers and their place in the number system, addition, and subtraction, then moving on to simple multiplication.

Our value band this half term is ‘trust’, which you can support us with at home by using the word to help the children become familiar with it.

Please keep in touch with any events happening at home and celebrations.

Thank you            

Gemma, Gareth, Nicky, Claire and Amy


How can you help?

  • Discuss and experience the weather e.g. splashing in puddles (Please send in photos)

  • Make a rain gauge

  • Fly a kite on a windy day.

  • Share your child’s reading book and complete the reading record weekly.

Some signs that may help….please ask if you need any more.

 November 2017

As the Autumn leaves fall from the trees, the children of Cedar Class are making great progress having made the transition from Early Years to Year 1 and taken it in their stride. Their mornings are filled with English and Maths.

The books “Ketchup on Your Cornflakes,” “Don’t Put Your Finger in the Jelly, Nelly,” “Shark in the Park,” and “Night Monkey, Day Monkey” have been enjoyed and used as the cornerstones of our literacy work. Handwriting and completing sentences and role-play have run alongside throughout this term. 


 Maths has involved plenty of Number work, and we have recently been measuring, weighing and balancing!

All the hard work has been rewarded with plenty of opportunities for outdoor learning which has included the visiting farm, music at Whiteley Park, and of course P.E. where the children swim, climb, develop strength, balance, and above all, confidence. We are looking forward to the preparations for Christmas, and to our trip to see the pantomime “Aladdin” at Ferenham Hall in December.

April 2017

Cedar class planned to have a picnic, the children wrote a shopping list of things they wanted to have before visiting Asda to buy the ingredients. Here we are making jam sandwiches ready for a picnic at the outdoor classroom.



To our surprise when we got to the picnic this is what we found!!


“It’s all gone” Megan.

“Where is sandwiches?”  Daisy.

“A crocodile ate it all” Edward.

After hearing the story The Llighthouse keeper’s Lunch, we all decided that it must have been the birds who ate our picnic. The children  wanted to trick the birdas and tasted a range of horrible snadwiched to see which they thought the birds would hate the most. It was judge that mustad sandwiches were the worst - just like in the story.


March 2017

Dear parents/carers of Cedar Class,

Welcome back to after half term I hope you were able to get out and about over the half term holiday and the children are ready for some more fun in Cedar Class. We’ve had a very successful start to our ‘A sailor went to sea, sea, sea’ topic, extending their knowledge of the different kinds of boats using Toot the Tiny Tugboat and the texts ‘Busy Boats’ and ‘Beautiful Boats’. Children have enjoyed creating their own boats and labelling the different parts. We have also been exploring floating and sinking.

This half term will begin with our whole school national book week focus of bugs using the text ‘Bugs, bugs, bugs’ being kick started with a real bug/animal experience.


‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ will be the main text for Cedar Class. In English we will be developing our imagination through role play and storytelling. We will be using our number skills and building on our knowledge and vocabulary in capacity in Maths. In P.E. this half term we will be learning an octopus’s garden dance followed by small equipment games. In science we will be using electric controllable toys. Our handwriting and pencil grips are being developed through the use of Pen pal our new handwriting scheme. The children are continuing to have regular visits to ‘The Nest’ our outdoor classroom, creating outdoor art and working toward using peelers on sticks with support.