Art Room

July 2018


Oak, Elm and Redwood classes have been looking at Roman art - including making their own mosaics, designing shields & a collaborative collage in which they dressed a Roman soldier in all his armour.


Pine class enjoyed lots of varied mark making which they subsequently used to make a collage of the animals in Walking in the Jungle.


Apple class also enjoyed making their own unique marks, resulting in a fabulous Hungry Caterpillar display. They're hard at work now on Jaspers beanstalk!


Following a fabulous workshop on watercolour techniques inspired by Turner, Ash, Chestnut and Redwood classes have been looking at the Cubist portraits of Pablo Picasso, experimenting with different views within the same picture and particularly enjoying a session of mono printing using Styrofoam sheets.



During our last week before half term, lots of children have had the opportunity to see the Poppy: Wave Exhibition at Fort Nelson and learned about its significance: the wave symbolising the soldiers going over the top of the trenches and each poppy representing a single fallen soldier. Some children made sketches or took photos.


March 2018

In Art this half term, Oak, Elm and Redwood, looked at the artist Gustave Moreau and his painting, George and the Dragon. We watched an animation about the story, then worked in teams, designing and getting just a little bit messy, building a dragon out of junk. Once finished, we hope to present the finished piece in Assembly to show off our amazing work to the rest of the school!



Chestnut, Ash and Redwood have been learning about the sculpture of Louise Bourgeois – in particular, her giant spiders! We’ve been thinking about our favourite mini-beasts and their habitats and how we to create them out of junk and other materials. First, we sketched them out to plan our design and then we found different materials to show how they might feel. Making the mini-beasts and their habitat into 3D pieces of art has really brought our drawings to life! They are all very different and look fantastic!



In Cedar and Redwood, we have been learning about the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and his painted portraits made out of fruit and vegetables. We had fun making our own portraits and then used an IPad to take photos of our fabulous faces! Following on with the fruit theme, we have been busy producing some careful drawings using oil pastels and printing with lots of different fruit to make a lovely display outside the art room!


In Fir class, we have focused on Write Dance activities, drawing a tree to music using shaving foam, crayons or chalk and practising our gross and fine motor skills. We’ve also had fun mixing colours, making rubbings, mark making and printing with a variety of tools – including hands and feet!


November 2017

In Art this half term we have been looking at why the poppy is used as a symbol for remembrance.






October 2017

We have been looking at great artists in Art.

Oak, Elmand Redwood Classes have looked at the work of Joan Miro and created their own masterpieces from their imaginations using bold Primary colours and green, with black lines and a mixture of shapes.



Chestnut, Ash andRedwood Classes have looked at the work of
John Constable and recreated his famous painting, The Hay Wain. They were inspired to make their own art looking at the countryside around us today.



Maple Class looked at colour matching and colour mixing.



Cedar and Redwood Classes worked on a class collage based on the text, Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly.



Family Learning Day fun in the Art Room.