Cherry Class


April 2018

This term our topic is called ‘blooming marvellous’ and we will be looking closely at our environment and life cycles of butterflies, ducks and plants through real experiences.  We will be starting this topic by focusing on the book the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ and having our own caterpillars in class and we will be releasing the butterflies when they are ready.



Later this term (15th May), we will have duck eggs in school, so we will watch them hatch and look at the ducklings grow.

This term will also be reading ‘Jaspers Beanstalk and ‘Oliver’s Vegetables.  We will be growing our own vegetables and plants.  We are planning a trip later in the term to a ‘pick your own fruit’ farm.  The children will be encouraged to communicate if they like or don’t like the fruit. 

In Maths we will be continuing to focus on number and making groups of objects such as 3 cups or 10 spoons.  We will also be working on ‘time’ through making things move fast and slow, and sorting pictures to show what we do at night or during the day. 

We will be focusing on throwing, kicking and receiving balls, beanbags and athletics in PE.  We will also be doing our daily ‘golden mile’ walk or run around the cycle track to build up to our 5 miles by the end of the term.

As always, the children will have regular visits to ‘The Nest’ our outdoor classroom. We will be introducing each visits topic through a circle time and our woodland elves.

How to help at home:

Learn the following signs:

Continue to sing the songs of the week that are sent home.

January 2018


Happy New Year and we hope you had a lovely holiday.

This term our topic is called ‘where in the world’ and we will be exploring the weather through daily diaries and experiences.  Therefore we will be out in all weathers so please ensure your child has warm clothing. 


This term will be reading books; ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’.  We will be going to a supermarket (9th January) to buy all the fruit from Handa’ surprise.  We will also be practicing using knives to cut the fruit to make a fruit salad and trying them.  The children will be encouraged to communicate if they like or don’t like the fruit.  Through ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ we will be learning about position such as over, under and through.  We will be encouraging the children to use these words/signs/symbols in their play. We will be visiting Holly Hill (6th March) to explore the woodlands and stream to re-enact this story.

In Maths we will be focusing on a number each week and continuing our work on measurement,  money and positional language

We will be focusing on fundamental movements skills and apply these on a visit to Whiteley Park (2nd February). 

Through art we will be explore colour families and mixing. 

As always, the children will have regular visits to ‘The Nest’ our outdoor classroom. We will be introducing each visits topic through a circle time and our new woodland elves.

This half term will finish with E-safety week.  You will be invited to attend workshops to support E-safety at home.  Please see school website for further details.

How to help at home:

Learn the following weather signs:

Talk about the weather and what to wear.  For example; it’s cold so we need a coat and hat on.

Continue to sing the songs of the week that are sent home.


October 2017

What are Cherry and Apple Class’ doing this half term within their topic of ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop’?

 This half term Cherry and Apple will be looking at 3 key texts. Two of which are written by Bill Martin and Eric Carle. ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?’ and ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear?’ Then on the run up to Christmas our focus text will be ‘Dear Santa’.


In maths we will be continuing our work on number but also focusing on weight and money – including a post office role play. We will also be visiting the shop so children can experience exchanging money.

In our knowledge and understanding of the world focused work we will be looking at Bonfire Night, focussing on light and colour and linking the celebrations with seasonal work around autumn. We are also hoping to go on a trip to the Fort Nelson Tunnels as part of our science and computing work.

 To support your child’s communication and language we will be focussing on 2 key nursery rhymes or songs weekly. We will send you the words and an internet link so you can support your child at home. We will be having a nursery rhyme week across the school during the week commencing 20th November.

 In our Personal Development Learning, as well as working towards our value of ‘Individuality’, we will be focusing on ‘Likes’ and ‘Don’t likes’.

 Watch this space for more information on how we will be celebrating Christmas in Cherry Class and as a school.

 How can you help?

  • Send in a teddy bear for our teddy bears picnic to launch our new key texts the first week back for Wednesday 1st November. (Please label or send in a named carrier bag)

  • Perhaps visit Fort Nelson yourself.

  • Where appropriate take your child to a fireworks display.

  • Continue to share their reading book and other texts.

  • Enjoy singing nursery rhymes together with or to your child.

  • Share Eric Carle stories with your child, your local library can help you source some.

Thank you for your continuous support

Cherry and Apple  Class Team

September 2017

So far in Cherry Class we have got off to a flying start! As you know as well as circle time, whole class opportunities and specific timetabled activities such as PE, Swimming and The Nest we approach our learning in a highly structured way. The children work on a carousel of activities including ‘teacher table’, ‘learning through play’ and ‘workbay’ or work towards their speech and language programs.

Teacher Table

The children visit the teacher table twice a day in their working pairs or trio. This is for working specifically on their curriculum targets and is measured and recorded to support the team in assessing the children. They come to the table for English, Mathematics and some Foundations subjects (this is dependent upon the current targets within these subjects.


Learning Through Play

The objectives for this structured approach to play are often taken from those being worked towards at the ‘Teacher Table’ and also the children’s Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Adults will record significant progress which then goes into their work books and folders. Learning through play works on the children’s attention and play skills supporting them on how to play successfully with other people.



Workbays are a strategy used to over learn and secure understanding. In Cherry Class the children often have fine motor, English and Maths based shoe box and folder activities. The children start with 1 or 2 activities to learn the process of workbay and once this is secure move on to having up to 5 activities to secure knowledge and understanding. All tasks are tailored to the children’s individual needs to practice, rehearse and consolidate their learning.

Shoe box task example


Folder task example


Speech and Language Programs

This includes mirror play (sometimes called identiplay), tummy time, turn taking games and Tac Pac.

Mirror play is where the adult and child have the same resources, initially the adult copies the children’s actions with a view to building up to the children copying a play sequence from the adult.

Tummy time is to strengthen head, neck, and upper body muscles, specifically shoulder muscles. This in turn supports the child’s speech and also their pre-writing skills.

Turn taking games are exactly what they say on the tin. They are designed to support the children in playing alongside each other through a highly motivating activity. Favourites in Cherry previously have been Pop-up Pirate and Elefun. We’re looking forward to finding your children’s favourites.

Tacpac is a sensory communication resource using touch and music to help communication and social skills. This is new to Cherry following some in house training from Sarah in Apple Class.

May 2017

Playground Trip

This week Cherry class went to Meadowside Playground in Whiteley.  This was to put into practice all the skills we’d learnt in PE around controlling our bodies in space and travelling around the apparatus. The boys demonstrated over, under, along, up, down, backwards and forwards. They had a lot of fun, were mindful of other playground users and a credit to the school.


Friday Fun Club

In Friday fun club Cherry Class grown-ups have hosted ‘Dressing Up’ club. The 3 SLD classes, Cherry, Pine and Fir, have Fun Club across their 3 classes. This half term the choices are ‘Dressing Up’, ‘Trains’ and ‘Outdoor Play’. Recently we’ve had children dressing up as a fairy, a duck, an angel and ring master at the circus.




March 2017

What are Cherry Class doing this half term within their topic of ‘A sailor went to sea, sea, sea’?

This half term we began with our whole school national book week focus of bugs using the text ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ which was kick started with a real bug/animal experience.

The School will also have a whole school focus for Easter the last week of term.

 The children are continuing to have regular visits to ‘The Nest’ our outdoor classroom, creating outdoor art and working fine and gross motor opportunities they will also develop these skills through the use of ‘Pen pals’ our new handwriting scheme.

In P.E. this half term we will be learning an octopus’s garden dance followed by small equipment games. In science we will be using electric controllable toys, and number and capacity in maths.

Our story we will be focusing on in our English work is ‘Big Red Bath’. The children will use this to start developing their PECs use within the curriculum. Also they will continue to create sentences with symbols around this story in their speech and language time.

How can you help?

  • Take your children to local parks to use the climbing equipment to develop their upper body and gross motor skills.

  • Continue to share their reading book and other texts.

  • Use ‘bath time’ language with them when they’re in the bath. i.e. “splish, splash, splosh”, “bubbles” “soap, sponge, washing”

  • Visits to the seaside.

  • A ride on the Gosport ferry.

Thank you for your continuous support


Cherry Class Team


Cherry Class - October 2016